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Fulcan Investments brings profitable Chinese companies to the U.S. stock exchanges

We source, develop and execute investment strategies with the intention of bringing profitable operating companies to the U.S. stock exchanges. We provide strategic advisory service and industry expertise in initial public offerings (IPO) and uplistings (uplisting OTC BB companies to NASDAQ).

Fulcan Investments Mission Statement
Fulcan Investments is dedicated to providing the highest quality financial products and services to China’s emerging growth and medium size companies. We specialized in taking emerging growth China company public through IPO. Our commitment to this segment of the market is unmatched. Our team of experts provides a full spectrum of IPO services, including strategic planning, corporate and securities law, GAAP accounting, investor relations and capital raisings.

Our mission is to assist China emerging growth companies in maximizing their growth by providing sophisticated and innovative financing solutions and strategic advice individually tailored to meet each client’s short and long term goals. Our relationships with premier institutional and retail investors allow us the speed and flexibility to seamlessly complete transactions with propriety and professionalism. 

Our success is based on the depth, breadth, and experience of our team members, who source deals, work with senior managers of our clients to design ways of growing and improving their business, determines the optimal capital structure to support a company’s business strategy, and provides access to capital resources that strengthen operational execution. Our goal is to bring world-class quality financial services to the small- and micro-cap companies and to help them quickly and quietly meet their capital needs.